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What is KIDMO?

Front and central to the KIDMO curriculum is the Hyper-Teaching of JOHNNY ROGERS! A rising force in children's ministry, JOHNNY reaches kids with innovative messages and engaging interactivity. His compelling application-based Bible lessons have already impacted tens of thousands of kids. The ultimate virtual teacher, JOHNNY delivers dynamic lessons with fun, fast paced humor.

This lesson review time is such a blast your kids will eat it up like French-fried pistachios! The best part of all is the way in which each KWIZMO reinforces the lesson, Bible verse, and Compass Point. Competition based questions, quizzes, and challenges, make for a wild and zany time. Network quality production value and it's so easy to use.

The music of KIDMO comes from K'MOTION. Delivered in music video form, the music of K'MOTION includes on-screen lyrics, with lots of energy to invite participation. K'MOTION delivers substantive worship music with the most popular styles kids love. It's worship that's fun and infectious!

With KIDMO's proven learning techniques, your kids will learn and retain Bible verses like never before! MEMORY MAX utilizes hand motions, pneumonics and many other surprises. Your group will increase its scripture retention anywhere from 30% to 80%. Memory Max is so easy and effective, you'll never look at scripture memory the same way again!

After large group time, engage your kids with the most personal and interactive approach—small groups. With KIDMO, your job is easy! Simply print the LEADER Q CARD from the CD-ROM and get it in every leader's hands. Each Q Card contains three simple questions that help children apply God's word into their everyday lives. After discussing these questions, Hand out the Mission Action Plan or "MAP BOOK". It's a take home study guide that reinforces the principles of the teaching video. It contains practical examples of how to live out the lesson. That's it! Each child earns points by bringing back the completed MAP Book the following week signed by their parent or guardian.


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KiDMO meets during the school year on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 7:45PM

KiDMO is for all children age 3 to 6th grade.

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