Women’s Ministry

Women’s Ministry

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If you follow Jesus, then you’re a disciple.

And if you’re a disciple, then you’re also called to make disciples.

What does that mean? What is discipleship? We define it as women who have found freedomin following Jesus intentionally building relationships with other women and helping them to know and follow Jesus as well.

So, a “disciple” is a woman who:

  • follows Jesus,
  • is being changed by the Holy Spirit, and
  • is committed to the mission of Jesus – making disciples of others.

It’s more than sharing the message of Jesus. And it’s definitely more than simply attending church on the weekend. It’s intentional and it’s relational. It involves both friendship andmentorship.

We want to invite you to be a disciple, and to be a disciple-maker.


  • Desires to grow in Christ.
  • Is interested in developing the habits of a disciple: Bible-reading, prayer, fellowship with other believers, etc.
  • Needs spiritual encouragement and accountability.
  • Wants to learn how to live by faith in every area of life.
  • Is available to learn.
  • May or may not regularly attend church yet.


  • Desires to grow in Christ.
  • Faithfully practices the habits of a disciple.
  • Is ready to be a spiritual encourager.
  • Is willing to model what it looks like to live by faith in every area of life.
  • Is available to learn, and to mentor.
  • Actively attends and participates in the life of a local church.